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After years of being a slave to commissioned work, Gautam Sonti went independent. His earlier series of short films, Coding Culture, screened at several international film festivals, is a critical examination of the experience of globalisation within the microcosm of a hi-tech workplace in Bangalore. Our Metropolis, his first feature-length documentary film, extends this theme to the entire city.

Usha Rao is an anthropologist at large. For over a decade she has wandered through Bangalore's maze of neighborhood, streets and by-lanes, trying to make sense of the changes that have transformed the city. In particular, she is trying to understand the ways in which Bangalore's status as a 'global city' has impacted the lives of its people and their relationship with the city.

Youngest of the three, Abhro Banerjee is a man of many hats who keeps a low profile. Trained professionally as an editor, he is also sound designer, musician and writer rolled into one. He has brought his sparkling craft to multiple award-winning films such as Nero's Guests, Distance, Quarter No. 4/11 and The Unclaimed.

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