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Busan International Film Festival, Oct 2014


Dubai International Film Festival, Dec 2014


Tromso International Film Festival, Jan 2015


Seoul International Architecture Film Festival, Oct 2015


Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Nov 2015


Mumbai International Film Festival, Jan 2016


Urban Lens IIHS Film Festival, Feb 2016


Tartu World Film Festival, Mar 2016

NAFA Film Festival, Sep 2016


Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore Oct 2017

Social Justice Film Festival, Bangalore Oct 2017

IIT Delhi, Sep 2016

Design Uru, Mar 2016


Azim Premji University, Jan 2016

International Instt of Information Technology, Bangalore, Nov 2015


ATREE, Nov 2015


Bangalore International Centre, Nov 2015


Srishti School of Art & Design, Bangalore, Sep 2015


Madras Instt of Dev Studies and

Asian College of Journalism, Sep 2015


National Instt of Advanced Studies Bangalore, Aug 2015


Jagriti Theatre Bangalore, June 2015


FD Zone Delhi, Apr 2015


FD Zone Mumbai, Apr 2015


Vikalp Bengaluru, Doc@Everest, Dec 2014


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The year is 2020 and the Bangalore metro is extending its lines to criss-cross the city.  The streets continue to be dug up and the city continues to be a work in progress.  Meanwhile, Our Metropolis continues to be screened - in community spaces, in classrooms, seminars  and workshops. 

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